Mass Movement

On Sunday 27th January 2017, twelve students from Rushey Dance Academy performed at the Curve Theatre as part of Mass Movement; a regional Dance platform for young people in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Months prior to the performance, a video of the students’ choreography and a lengthy application form was sent to the national organisation as part of the rigorous audition process. Rushey Mead Academy was lucky enough to be successful and were the only 11-16 school to be accepted for this prestigious event. During the day of the event, the students conducted themselves professionally and coped extremely well with a very demanding and busy schedule. The students arrived in the morning and went through a technical rehearsal, a studio rehearsal slot, a professional dance workshop and a dress rehearsal. In between the rehearsals, the students had the opportunity to explore the theatre and meet other dance groups and to watch all of the performances.

The evening performance was a great success and all of the students performed the Indian Dance piece ‘Barkin’ Bollywood’ superbly. Their enjoyment, hard work and dedication was evident throughout and they received a great reception from the audience. It was lovely to see other students and ex-students from Rushey Mead Academy performing at the event with external dance companies. Mary 10 BER performed a contemporary dance piece with the CYC (Curve Young Company). Bhakti 10RUR and ex-student Kiran Kumar performed a Kathak based piece. This dance was selected by the panel to progress to the next stage in the competition and to represent the county at the next regional platform. The Dance Department would like to congratulate Bhakti and Kiran on such an amazing performance and to wish them all the best in the next regional platform.

‘I have never had the opportunity to perform on the main stage at the Curve, the whole day was such a fantastic experience and I will always remember it.’ Pratiksha 11BEM

‘The panel wishes to thank all participating groups. There was an incredibly strong diverse range of styles and choreographic approaches seen in this year’s platform which made for an entertaining and inspiring event. The panel were particularly struck by the quality of ideas that clearly originated from the voice of the young people.’ Rebecca Streets Dance4 Producer – Public Programmes

Well done to the following students: Dharika 11MEM, Pratiksha 11BEM, Saara 11CHR, Punam 11MEM, Anju 11CHM, Nikisha 9RUM, Shivali 9HAS, Anaya 9MEM, Shivani 9RUM, Priya 8CHR, Leah 8CHR, Saule 8CHR.