DfE Ebacc

Rushey Mead Academy has been featured as one of the Department for Education's Ebacc case studies in modern foreign languages. This is because we had one of the highest entry rates for GCSE languages in
2018, where 96% our students were entered.
In the case study, Mrs Kader, Principal said:
“Studying languages at Rushey Mead enables students to develop a wide variety of skills necessary for their progression into college and beyond. The development of communication skills, both verbal and written, supports their learning across the curriculum and their confidence with speaking and writing grows as a result. Students also have the opportunity to develop their social capital through their interactions with teachers and their peers.
“For two decades, at Rushey Mead Academy, every student has left with a GCSE in languages, no matter what their starting point or background. This has been achieved through a culture of high expectations, tailor made resources, direct instruction and consolidation of prior learning leading to mastery. Languages classrooms at RMA therefore hum with the joy and thrill of communicating successfully and with increasing skill in a foreign language.”